Museum Training Project 17th : Museum in the old building

Establishing museums of many organizations in Thailand often take advantage of old buildings valuable for history, art and aesthetics value. All of these reflect the identity and history of the organization excellently.

However, museum with old building have a limitations since these buildings were not originally designed for the museum functional. This may have an environment that is not suitable for displaying valuable objects or items within the building.

Therefore, The museum management exhibitions within old buildings requires skills, knowledge, and experience in conservation that requires special expertise to prevent various risks that may occur in the future

The Office National Museum led by The Fine Arts Department, Thailand desires to share the knowledge of this management widely, therefore launched the 17th museum training project for the public on the topic of “Museum in the Old Building” on 7-18 June 2021, with the expectation that museum workers in antique buildings can Integrate knowledge in museology including various conservation principles to apply effectively. It can develop their museum and to have the proper conservation of ancient buildings simultaneously.