Thai Museum Day 2023: Museum storage and collection management for sustainability

On 19 September each year is counted as “Thai Museum Day.” On this occasion, the Fine Arts Department acts as the main unit to organize the special event in cooperation with the museum network in Thailand to demonstrate the power of museums in Thailand.

In 2023, activities under the theme ‘Museum Storage and Collection Management for Sustainability’ will be held at the National Museum Bangkok from September 17th–19th, 2023. The activities have been designed on four bases:

  • Museum Unveiling Exhibition is about the showcase of museum collections that are rarely seen in regular time.
  • Museum Talk is to share knowledge and experience among museum professionals on various topics.
  • Conservation Lab is a workshop and demonstration related to conservation by professional conservators, and wide open to the public to get involved and gain hands-on experience. 
  • Museum Fair is a place allocated for museums to present and sell products and innovations directly to visitors.

For more information about Thai Museum Day 2023, visit the Office of National Museums, Thailand Facebook Page or the Thai Museum Day Facebook Page