May 18 : Let’s Celebrate International Museum Day 2024 “Museums for Education and Research”

Every year on May 18, we celebrate International Museum Day. The theme for International Museum Day 2024 is “Museums for Education and Research.” This theme underscores the important role cultural institutions play in creating learning experiences, fostering a world of awareness, sustainability, and greater community involvement.

The Office of National Museums, The Fine Arts Department, as the secretariat of the National Committee for ICOM Thailand has designed a poster to celebrate this year’s International Museum Day. Inspired by the original poster (ICOM) using the letter “M” representing “Museum”, the Thai poster uses the letter “พ” from the word “พิพิธภัณฑ์” (museum) to signify Thai museums. The poster also features spectrum light techniques to symbolize the diverse knowledge that museums contribute to the world.

Additionally, a celebration event for International Museum Day was held on May 15. The event brought together museum executives and practitioners. They shared the diversity of knowledge and experiences in concern for educational activities in museums with the audiences. Additionally, there was an exhibit of art toys that used cultural assets from museums, processed through learning methods, to create products that fit contemporary trends.

This year, The Office of National Museums invites the network of Thai museums to join in creating a world of shared learning experiences and greater community engagement in Thai society.

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